The Crypto Syllabus

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The Crypto Syllabus — 4 min read

January Edition

What everyone in the crypto industry must have been hearing, as they rang in the new year, were the reverberations from FTX’s collapse. Increased regulatory scrutiny and financial precarity are spreading through the ecosystem.

December Edition

The Crypto Syllabus — 4 min read

As we await film adaptations of the FTX saga, this month’s reading list contains reports on the unethical blockchain trials taking place in refugee camps; accounts of how the creation and transference of digital money mediates economic relations; and much more.

November Edition

The Crypto Syllabus — 4 min read

The big news, of course, is FTX. The writing was on the wall – or at least inside the Magic Money Box, an analogy Sam Bankman-Fried used to explain...

October Edition

The Crypto Syllabus — 4 min read

Last month, Ethereum finally made the switch to a proof-of-stake protocol. The Merge slashed Ethereum’s future annual emissions down to a level close to Gibraltar’s, but...

September Edition

The Crypto Syllabus — 4 min read

Even as bitcoin prices continue to hover around $20,000, investors await developments they hope will right the crypto ship. This month, Ethereum and Cardano will adopt, or...

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