Are you tired of listening to cryptobros, venture capitalists, and extreme libertarians explain crypto to you? So are we. Below you can find in-depth conversations with politicians, scholars, journalists, and artists.

They tackle various facets of the crypto phenomenon without getting too technical or esoteric. We have deliberately steered away from technologists who have dominated this conversation so far; that's not because we don't think technology is unimportant – it's because we think they already have enough of a platform.

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Yanis Varoufakis on Crypto & the Left, and Techno-Feudalism
Keywords: CBDCs, Bitcoin, El Salvador, NFTs, games, Techno-Feudalism

Adam Tooze on Macrofinance and “Fully Political Money”
Keywords: macrofinance, fiat money, monetary policy, Big Tech

Francesca Bria on Decentralisation, Sovereignty, and Web3
Keywords: D-CENT, Decode, Indymedia, Francesco Nachira, Gilberto Gil, decentralising institutions

Edemilson Paraná on Digitised Finance, Bitcoin, Brazil
Keywords: neoliberalism, financial opacity, politics of money, digital metalism, CBDCs


Katrin Becker on Lex Cryptographia
Keywords: law, industrial religion, cyber-management, imaginary, Kleros

Pete Howson on Cryptocarbon
Keywords: crypto-carbon, surveillance philanthropy, blockchain for degrowth, disaster capitalism, crypto-colonialism

Geraldine Juárez on NFTs and Ghosts
Keywords: NFTs, cryptoart, copyleft, Berlin, assetization, decentralisation

Izabella Kaminska on Synthesising Trust
Keywords: Web3, Bitcoin, El Salvador, CBDCs, sovereign individual, DeFi

Jorge E. Cuéllar on El Salvador's Bitcoin experiment
Keywords: Blockchain imperialism, El Salvador, Bitcoin, Nayib Bukele, fiduciary colonialism

Brian Eno on NFTs & Automatism
Keywords: NFTs, art, financialisation, Robin Hood-ism, Marcel Duchamp

Sanneke Kloppenburg on Climate Cryptogovernance
Keywords: Blockchain, measurementality, climate cryptogovernance, crypto mining, non-blockchain politics

Andrés Arauz on Crypto & the Global South
Keywords: Electronic money, CBDC, monetary sovereignty, payment systems, international hierarchy of money

Stefan Eich on Hayek & Money
Keywords: money, time, Keynes, Hayek, Bitcoin, stablecoins

Bram Büscher on Nature3
Keywords: conservation, neoliberalism, capitalism, ReFi

Olivier Jutel on Blockchain Imperialism
Keywords: imperialism, Pacific, development, solutionism